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For more than 25 years the Colorado Artist Tour has been the place to go for info about arts festivals in Colorado. On this site you will be able to see individual pages for each of our member events plus calendars showing event dates and application deadlines.

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The Colorado Artist Tour has over 30 Arts & Crafts festivals listed each year. You can find out about the events, you can check the deadline and events calendars and be notified by email of upcoming events or deadlines. Subscribe below to receive art show info throughout the year.


Get your festival in front of almost 2,000 artists who are specifically looking for shows in Colorado. Having your event page on the Colorado Artist Tour site will help promote and drive artists to your application. Click here for more information.


We have over 1800 artists on our email list and if you have something to sell that art show artists need, you can send out a mass email (for a small fee) to advertise. Click here to contact us.

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About the Colorado Artist Tour

What is the Colorado Artist Tour?

Since the early 1990's the Colorado Artist Tour (CAT) has been helping artists and vendors find festivals in Colorado. For many of those years it was a packet with the physical applications enclosed. In 2009, CAT transformed into a virtual 'packet' with the applications online for Artists to print out and apply or links to online applications.

Does CAT rank the shows that are listed?

No. CAT acts as a supplier of info and applications to as many shows in Colorado as possible. Since Artists are looking for all types and sizes of shows, that is what we try to deliver. We recommend that you check into the shows before applying.

When will all of the shows be listed for the coming year?

Most shows will be listed by January 1 but additional shows will be added as the year goes on. Some shows will be new ones, while others may be shows that did not have their applications ready by the first of the year. To stay informed please subscribe (see above).

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